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10 Mar, 2014 by Admin

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Feed The Beast Launcher Download

Our server is based on ftb Unleashed, with the addition of and a few other mods.

Mirrors: Donate to keep mps updating regularly and adfly-free!

I've received a lot of requests to include it - so many that I've lost track of who all has it and what versions.

Minecraftconfigmachinemuserecipes so make sure yours match the ones for the server you're on!

Lots of cool stuff in here, and always being updated.

Following you will find instructions on how to set it up easily in a matter of few downloads.

Technic's own Universal Electricity pack, includes all the UE mods as well as Railcraft and various UI improvements.

Unless you really want to play in vanilla mode, get one of the following industrial mods: : A loosely-knit suite of open-source and highly configurable industrial mods which work well.

Mirrors: Experimental builds are always available from They have the latest bugfixes and features, but might contain new bugs and strange behaviour.

The original modpack for the atlauncher - Another atlauncher pack, one of the most polished ones I've seen.

At any rate, some of the more popular modpacks which include it are: - the up-to-date version of the classic Tekkit pack, includes only a couple dozen mods, but all.

I'd also appreciate if you host it somewhere that you provide a donation link somewhere visible, but I don't require it.

If you have this mod in your pack and would like to be listed here, please send me an e-mail at.

Includes a portable crafting table, auto-feeder, item magnet, torch holder, EU reader, leaf blower (sickle), mob repulsor, ore scanner, treetap, and internal generators: Solar, Kinetic, and Thermal.

To spare you the legalese: bsd license, do whatever you want with it, but don't sue me if it wrecks your stuff.

Start up your client and join the server using the ip: Reason for removing the default config and mods folders and downloading the ones specified is, because of some mod.

Feed The Beast Launcher Download

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